Rabbits Available


Honey is just under 2 years old and vaccinated. Once spayed she will be ready to be bonded with a neutered male. Honey can be a little nervous and isn’t too keen on being handled, but not aggressive.

Rupert and Binky

Rupert and Binky are our latest pair of buns at the rescue. Rupert is approximately 7 years old and is a gorgeous mini lop. Binky was originally a found rabbit so we don’t have an exact age for her. They are literally little and large! They’re both spayed, neutered and fully vaccinated. They’re used to living in a free range outdoor set up with their previous owner. Therefore they’re looking for a home with a similar set up. 

Please don’t put me off with Rupert being an older bun and us not knowing an exact age for Binky, as they are truly gorgeous. 


Pinkie and Pipkin

Pinkie and Pipkin are young does looking for their new home. Both girls are fully vaccinated, having had both vaccinations. The girls are just 4 months old. They’re used to living inside and therefore need an indoor home. Pinkie is a red eyed white Netherlands dwarf cross and Pipkin is a lop. They’re used to daily handling, which shows and they’re very happy to sit on your lap. Sadly their previous owners daughter was allergic to them.