Guinea Pigs


8 month old Wigglet has come into us as sadly him and his cage companion started fighting. He’s looking for a boar companion for company.

*on bonding trial*


Skye is approximately 19 weeks old. She’s been living with a boar, so will be staying with us at the rescue as it’s highly likely she is pregnant. There’s going to be a baby boom of piggies at rescue in the next few months!


if pregnant and when she’s had babies both Skye and babies will be looking for homes, once the babies are old enough.

Molly, Mandy, Millie and Maggie

Molly, Mandy, Millie and Maggie have arrived with us today. We have very limited info on these girls, aside the fact that they’re 8 months old. Molly (ginger) has a bit of ‘junk in the trunk’ so we are not ruling out pregnancies. Therefore the girls will stay with us on pregnancy watch.

Ron and Ernie

Ron and Ernie are our latest boars bonded here at the rescue. Both boys are 1 year old. They’re easilt distinguishable as Ernie is short coated and Ron has a ‘skirt’ around his back end! The boys need an indoor home for winter months, but could then be integrated to outdoor living in warmer months.

Harry and Oreo

Harry and Oreo are a gorgeous pair of 6 month old boars. They’ve come into us due to allergies. Both boys are lovely but Harry is a little nervous initially. They have always lived indoors, so need to stay indoors for the colder months.