Guinea Pigs


8 month old Wigglet has come into us as sadly him and his cage companion started fighting. He’s looking for a boar companion for company.

*on bonding trial*


Teddy is a 2 year old red eyed white boar. He can be a little nippy therefore not suited to households with younger children. Teddy is partially blind and needs an indoor home as that’s what he’s used to.

Koala, Autumn and Winter

Koala (unknown age), Winter (4 months) and Autumn (4 months) are pregnant sows and staying with us at the rescue. All girls are evidently pregnant and I would estimate they’re halfway through their pregnancies. Followers support via dried food for them would be appreciated. All 3 straight to food bowl and cleared their hay overnight as well, stocking up and keeping their babies fed 😍

Once they’ve gave birth and babies are old enough, both mums and babies will be looking for new homes.

*update 24/11/18*

koala gave birth to 5 babies last week, sadly only 3 made it. Autumn gave birth to 5 babies and 4 were born sleeping. Winter looks like she is due to give birth very soon.

*Koala reserved*



Toffee is allegedly 7 years old, but appears to be much younger. He has previously been bonded with another boar and was submissive, so there is hope that he can be bonded again.


Skye is approximately 19 weeks old. She’s been living with a boar, so will be staying with us at the rescue as it’s highly likely she is pregnant. There’s going to be a baby boom of piggies at rescue in the next few months!


if pregnant and when she’s had babies both Skye and babies will be looking for homes, once the babies are old enough.

Toffee and Teddy

Our second pair and I’ve got to say would have been our most unlikeliest going on previous info on them is Teddy and Toffee. These pair really love each other. Toffee (Told he’s 7, but don’t think he’s anywhere near that age) is constantly kissing Teddy (2 years old) and there’s been lots of popcorning from them both 😍
What better way to mark our 2 week window before our Xmas cut off, as rehoming ends for this year on Sunday 16th December.

Billy and Ivan

Billy (8 months) and Ivan (1 year) are boar companions. They’re looking for a new home together. Both very friendly and used to regular handling. They’re large boys so will need a large set up.

Snowflake and Gingerbread

Snowflake and Gingerbread are our newest bonded male pair. They’re ready for rehoming as of 10th January when Snowflake will be 8 weeks old.