Lumiere is a 2 year old mini lop cross. He is neutered, vaccinated (until July 2014) and also microchipped. His previous owner reports that he is not very good with being handled and can nip regularly. Lumiere has suffered with dental issue...s (probably because of the size of his head compared to the proportion of his body) with his molars and has had dental work under anaesthetic to correct this. We will be feeding him a hay diet to see if this helps with this problem. He has fought with spayed female rabbits in the past (quite a long time after they were bonded), so we will be rehoming him only as a solo rabbit. He is so cute though, maybe a little understood because of his temperament - so we will be doing a lot of work on handling with him.

*REHOMED* Lucky Lumiere has gone to live with a lady who has adopted a few rabbits from the rescue now, who is fortunate enough to have ample space for them to live in. Lumiere has a large set up to himself as has never got on with other rabbits in the past.

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