Animals Available


Gingerbread is looking for love. This gorgeous 11 month old buck is used to being very spoilt with a large set up with his previous owner. Sadly one of his previous owners was allergic to him and despite trying everything nothing changed. He is neutered and fully vaccinated. He’s always lived on his own but like most rabbits they thrive with company of their own kind, once the right match has been found. If you have a spayed doe who’s looking for a husbun then please get in contact with us. 


Beautiful Beau is looking for her new home. She is a 3 year old fully vaccinated lionhead. She will be spayed and once over her op will be looking for a home with a neutered buck for company.
Beau does need regular trims as she can get a mucky back end, due to the longer fur.


1 year old Maggie is looking for a neutered buck for company. This gorgeous dwarf lop is spayed and vaccinated. Maggie can be a little food and hutch territorial, so therefore she’s not suitable for a home with young children.


Molly is a 7 month old lionhead doe. She is vaccinated and will be spayed, once over her op she will then be looking for a home with a neutered buck. Molly is quite destructive as she literally bit away most of the wire mesh on her hutch at her previous home.

George and Millie

Little and large!! We have another pair of bonded rabbits 🙂 George (1 year old) and Millie (10 months) are a bonded vaccinated neutered pair. This pair aren’t suitable with children. Both are hutch and food territorial. They would suit a large free range set up as Millie can be quite destructive with her accommodation. Please don’t be put off by both being territorial as they are both such characters.