Animals Available


Skye is approximately 19 weeks old. She’s been living with a boar, so will be staying with us at the rescue as it’s highly likely she is pregnant. There’s going to be a baby boom of piggies at rescue in the next few months!


if pregnant and when she’s had babies both Skye and babies will be looking for homes, once the babies are old enough.

Molly, Mandy, Millie and Maggie

Molly, Mandy, Millie and Maggie have arrived with us today. We have very limited info on these girls, aside the fact that they’re 8 months old. Molly (ginger) has a bit of ‘junk in the trunk’ so we are not ruling out pregnancies. Therefore the girls will stay with us on pregnancy watch.

Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec are 8 week old boar companions. The boys would benefit from living indoors/in a shed during winter months.

Pip and Philip

Pip (4 weeks old) and Philip (age unknown) are father and son. This gorgeous pair will be available to go to their new home once Pip is 7-8 weeks old. As you can see Pip is very dark in colour and they’re always the hardest to photograph! Both will need an owner that doesn’t mind giving their regular fur trims 🙂


Honey is just under 2 years old and vaccinated. Once spayed she will be ready to be bonded with a neutered male. Honey can be a little nervous and isn’t too keen on being handled, but not aggressive.

Daddy Pig

Daddy Pig has been busy! After picking up a ‘pair of boars’ we have one very pregnant sow who was living in with him 😞

Mummy Pig

When you go to pick up a ‘pair of boars’ introducing ‘Mummy Pig’ who’s quite far established into her pregnancy I would say. She will obviously be staying with us on pregnancy watch, to see if any Peppa’s and George’s arrive 😳

Fudge and Jerry

Another gorgeous pair of lops that are available for rehoming......introducing Fudge and Jerry. This bonded neutered vaccinated pair of dwarf lops are adorable. Fudge (left) is 11 months old and Jerry is 1 1/2 years old. The pair are used to living outside in a large double hutch with attached run.